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I just started working on this game, and don't have very much correct imagery so please don't judge on that. There may be a few released demos throughout me working on the game, but that's the only stuff that will be released to the public until the game is released. The game will include the following aspects:








-Golden Freddy (Maybe)

-Spring Bonnie





All you have is a flashlight, a chance to run for your life, and doors.




Takes place in the Five Night's at Freddy's restaurant. It will have some aspects of the Five Nights at Freddy's 2 map like the arcade machines, and I will have my own custom twist ;)




I wouldn't worry that much. Since this is Unreal Engine 4, you will need at least 4GB of regular RAM, about and about 2GB of video RAM.




-Bonnie: Glowing eyes, they will be purple. He is the third fastest, and has sharp eyesight. He WILL spot you easily, watch for the eyes or your screwed.

-Chica: Glowing eyes, they are yellow. She is pretty slow, there isn't really nothing special with her. She can kill you though, so watch out.

-Freddy" Glowing eyes, Red. He is the most cunning of them all. He makes no noise when walking, and can sense you through noise. That's only one tip for what's to come from him.

-Foxy: Glowing eyes, black. He is SPEEDY. He walks as normal as the other animatronics, but will ALL OUT fly at you when he sees you. He is faster then you, so try to hide or you WILL die. His eyesight is HORRIBLE, so if you hide to the side he will keep going.

-Spring Bonnie: Glowing eyes, green. This is the second fastest animatronic. It's like a way better version of bonnie, like completely rebuilt. Better senses. For me, this is the most dangerous animatronic of them all.

-Fredbear: Glowing eyes, green. This dude packs a punch. He has low senses, but still better the foxy's. He is FAT, and strong. He is easy to escape, but once you get anywhere near him, you WILL regret it.


STORY (Will change A LOT, maybe even completely different)


It's been 45 years since this cursed restaurant has closed. You and your friends think it's awesome to sneak inside. You never actually have been inside this place before... just look at it. Wait.... are those animatronics? Sick! You HAVE to take a picture next to them. Maybe your friends will think your really cool for breaking in! You prompt your friend to get out of the restaurant, for a surprise. In a joking gesture, as he leaves, he locks the door. He BETTER open that up later. You decide to put flash on, cause this place is dark as crap. You take the picture. *FLASH*! AGHH! That was bright!! You stutter back and knock into no other then Freddy Fazbear himself. He quickly wakes up. All the animatronics seem to be hardwired, cause all the others got up too. DAMN IT! YOU HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE! You slam on the door, banging and kicking it, and even punching it. It's locked. Your friend ran the spot to escape these beasts. You slowly and cautiously turn around. This is bad. "Look everybody, there is a kid! Let's p-p-p-'play' w-with hi-him....."

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